Saturday, June 28, 2014

Something different

I wanted to take a moment to introduce my readers to a new concept I will be delving into very soon. I will be creating my first series and it will be eight books focusing on the seven deadly sins. The first book is the one that I am going to focus on today and do so by introducing the main character, Persiphone Syntle.

She lives during the time of the Salem witch trials and while she married the love of her life and gave birth to seven beautiful children, all of them were girls. Large families were common but boys were much more desirable in order to help a family survive and provide. Her husband John in killed in a tragic accident leaving her alone with her daughters and she must struggle to find a way to care for them all.

Her brother is a bachelor and moves in to care for and assist his family. She is also offered a chance to work for one of the most powerful man in the city but he almost immediately begins flirting with her and though she tries to ignore or politely reject his advances he is extremely persistent. She must choose between helping her family survive or being true to herself.

He ultimately takes the choice away from her though he gets caught. He immediately blames her and accuses her of being a witch. He claims she seduced him and orders her to stand trial on accusation of witchcraft. What will Persiphone do? How will she prove her innocence? Join her as she fights for her life and the freedom of her beloved daughters.

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