Monday, June 30, 2014

Balancing Act

It is incredible the amount of things that we take on every day. Families and friends, work and bills, even trying to just keep up on chores and errands. Life has a funny way of weighing us down from itself.

I look at some of the writers I know and many of them write full time or have one part time job in order to help make ends meet until they finally get their breakthrough piece written. I write while also holding down two other jobs and also workout in an effort to train for physical challenges like obstacle courses and triathlons.

I have often wondered if I even have a chance of being successful as an author if I can manage to split my focus so much. Am I dedicated enough to my art in order to get my name out there and create a reader base that can one day create the ability to do this full time? Do I fit the bill of what people consider a writer to be?

For me I think it is possible to be successful without being chained to a keyboard all the time. I am not the biggest reader in the world though I do enjoy reading. I am actively involved with people and activities and love to perform making me an extreme extrovert which I have found to be uncommon for writers.

I am constantly trying new adventures but it is from these new times that I find my inspiration. My entire life I have read about people going places and trying things and it has inspired me to do the same. I am hoping that one day people will read my work and feel moved. That they will want to try something new, go somewhere different and meet someone that they never before would have considered joining in conversation.

Life isn't just about balancing what we have to do with what we want to do but can also be about balancing who we are and who we want to be. Reaching for the sky while making sure we keep aware of what is happening around us. I love who I am and it took me a long time to be able to say that and I hope that one day I write something that can make others reflect and see themselves in the same light.

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