Friday, June 9, 2017

Reviving Old Ideas

Recently I was flipping through channels and came across a show I used to love, Scrubs. With my medical history I am far more understanding of the inner workings of a hospital than many I know which means I find anything that lightens that atmosphere to be refreshing.  I enjoy the gentle comedy as well as the underlying relationships that form between the characters. It had been years since the last time I saw the show and immediately started recording it on my DVR.

Watching the show after so long has been like catching up with old friends. I remember the episodes but it is fun to rematch them and see things I had forgotten or never noticed before. I noticed I feel that way as well when I start to work on an idea I either came up with then shelved or drafted but haven't looked at for awhile. It is sort of like coming home.

I recently sent off a short story I am considering pitching to a traditional publisher as a children's book. It is with a beta reader right now and I am waiting for feedback. It is beyond rough so there would be a great deal of work to polish it and have it ready to submit but I had that same feeling when I came across the file for the book. There was a welcoming feeling as I glanced over there words and it brought a smile to my face remembering the story.

There is a sad side to it as well. The story outline was originally discussed between me and another who has since left my life. I will dedicate the book in his memory whatever publishing path I eventually follow and I am indebted to him for his input during the brainstorming process. He was a friend and someone I will miss but I am honored he chose to share his ideas with me and help me come up with the story. He was even my first reader when I began to write it out. He gave feedback and put in ideas from time to time as I continued to develop the story. He was a great sounding board and I hope that once it is published those that knew him will be able to see the story he helped influence. Unfortunately I do not know his family or friends but I hope one day the story will reach them and help bring them closer with him.

Words have that incredible ability. Whether it is characters on a show, a children's book inspired by a friend or a story you have loved since you were little there is nothing like going back to them. Reviving those memories and giving them new life can be just as satisfying as developing new ideas.

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