Monday, June 5, 2017

Day 98 - A Little Fish

Fish is the second book in the Sharing Strength series. It features Rachel Morris, a sixteen year old swimming star from Clydesburg, Illinois. She is a smart girl that loves her family, friends and swimming. She was brought up in the church and would do anything to make her parents proud. However when she finds herself in a compromising position she is sure she can turn to those she has always supported for help.

After a nightmare of a party Rachel does her best to move on from the events of the evening. She tries to talk to her parents though they do nothing but look at her with disappointment. Her friends shun her and even the coach on her swim team gives her chills worse than the pool. She begins to feel desperate for someone to talk to so she finds her best friend and co-capitan of the swim team only to discover she is one of the worst people when looking for help.

Isolated and falling deeper into despair Rachel branches out, looking for therapists or anyone that will listen. Her parents won't pay for anything and suggest she go "confess her sins" no matter how hard she proclaims her innocence. No one will believe her. Her heart breaks as she fights what seems to be a never-ending battle for anyone that will believe her side of the story.

Can Rachel find her hero in time or will life simply overwhelm her? What will become of the girl known as Fish?

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