Friday, June 2, 2017

Day 95 - Changing Plans

About a month ago I was working to figure out a plan to keep me focused for the rest of the year along with the next few years. I knew my plan was ambitious to say the least but I was happy to have something I could work on, a list I could make my way down and cross things off as I accomplished them. There were items on there that involved keeping my blog updated (doing my best but I do miss days), completing writing projects including Breathe, the first of the Voices books edited and the second written, the third one drafted and the fourth outlined, edit Sharing Strength, doing the first of my new murder mystery books for Nanowrimo, and getting through my reading list.

In just the last few weeks this list has changed dramatically. Breathe has been worked on but the characters refuse to cooperate so they have been sent to the corner to think about what they did. The Voices books have been pushed to the back by books that decided to scream for attention louder. With Sharing Strength having a much better sense of direction when it comes to editing I was putting more effort into working on it and waking those characters up inspired Fish, Crash, and Combat to come to life. I had considered and previously rejected writing them but the characters woke up and shouted that they were ready to tell me their stories. They even gave me visuals of their covers making them seem more real.

Sharing Strength stayed on the list and I am still working to complete the edits so I can send it off to betas. Fish is in the process of being written, though like Survivor two years ago, it will be a challenge due to its emotional stirrings. I am prepared for the memories and emotions I will experience with this book more so than I was for Survivor but it will still take some time. Crash and Combat will also be emotional though they have more research than memory to raise issues.

I am still hoping to achieve my reading goals though I took longer off than I had originally expected so I am now woefully behind. I am still reading but I do not know if I will be able to finish my list before the end of the year. I am also still planning to complete the Nanowrimo part of my original to do list however it will no longer be the first murder mystery I write this year. My current project, being writing simultaneously with Fish, is also a murder mystery with a twist called The Last Piece. Sometimes writing is about being adaptable. You just need to be able to roll with the punches when the world forces you to change plans.

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