Monday, January 2, 2017

Starting Off Right

Yesterday was New Years Day and with that comes the onslaught of the New Year, New Me mentality around the world. For me it isn't so much a "new me" I am aiming for as a way to build upon and improve from the previous year. I stopped making resolutions a few years ago choosing instead to make goals to work toward. I have found my ability to maintain the motivation for that much easier.

I am also working to be more well rounded in my everyday life as well as my goals. I have a list (nearly 2 full pages long) of things I want to accomplish this year. They range anywhere from running my first half marathon to publishing the rest of my charity anthologies to raising my credit score.  One of the ways I want to continue to grow is right here on social media. Between using my blog to help bring readers into my world and find a way for us to share things together and launching a website and a newsletter to keep people informed I will be learning quite a bit as well as reaching out far more this year.

I have never created something as intricate as a website before nor have I published a newsletter but I will be starting that this month along with the website. I will also be working to interact more on Facebook and Twitter to grow my audience and with any luck I will find a way to make Goodreads a bigger part of my business as well. I have become friends with a woman that thankfully knows how to do a lot of what I am trying to learn and therefor I am hoping to pick her brain as we work on growing our books and knowledge together.

One of the biggest aspects of my life both person as well as professional is my deep belief in charity. The same woman, Author Victoria Kaer is partnering with me to create a book event benefiting a local veteran charity which helps fulfill my desire to give back. I will also be making a large push to get enough stories for the last three books in my Rescue Me series and work with the organizations those books will be donating to in the next several months.

I am grateful for my planner so that I can keep everything straight but I believe if I do it right I will have a very successful and productive year bringing me to a place that perhaps I can begin to help others as they have been assisting me thus far. I cannot wait to see how the year progresses.

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  1. I fail at resolutions too! They sound good, but rarely did I have a plan in mind to stick to them. You sound like you have a plan in place to help you reach your goals. :) I wish you the best of luck in 2017!