Saturday, January 7, 2017

Meet Victoria Kaer

One of the things I have always appreciated about being a writer is the friendship that forms with fellow authors. I have been fortunate enough to have friends that have promoted my work in the past and while I admit I am great at promotions I wanted to take one day a week to say thank you and help get the word out about other authors I either work with and / or respect.

Starting off with the first week of the year I wanted to share my friend Victoria Kaer. She has helped me create my website and is working to show me several aspects of the Indie writing world I am still completely behind on. For this and so many other things I owe her a debt of gratitude I will most likely never be able to fully repay.

One other incredible aspect is her generosity. She saw a mention of a group of authors holding an event to raise money for a charity and formed the idea of doing our own here in Las Vegas. I stepped up immediately to help her because I love charity work. We have since found a location, date and time and have been meeting to come up with the details of the event. We will even be going out to collect raffle prizes in a few days, part of the process I love.

She writes in genres I myself am not totally familiar with as I do not read middle grade fantasy or dystopian often. I do own her dystopian novels Regulated and Liberated which have joined my personal To Be Read list for the next couple of months. I am excited to broaden my reading horizons while helping to support a friend.

She has a website that can be found at www, and I recommend any and all that enjoy either genre to definitely check her out. She is dedicated but still willing to take the time to help other authors on their journeys. I am proud to call her a friend. She can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. Please take some time and check out her books available on Amazon and Nook!

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