Sunday, January 8, 2017

Rescue Me Update

At the end of each week I am hoping to give updates on one of my favorite projects, Rescue Me - Animal Anthology. I created these books because I am a broke author that wanted to do more than just spend time volunteering at local shelters. I love spending time with the animals, am happy to clean up after or play with any dog, cat, rabbit or whatever the shelter happens to be housing at the moment but ultimately I know they need money. Sadly this is an area I fall short.

I formed the series with the intention of publishing a book that would give all of the proceeds to charity and I am thrilled to say we have now published two. The first book Rescue Me Volume 1 - Stories of Hope donates to an organization out of Chicago called War Dogs Making It Home. They work with veterans that have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder aka PTSD as well as Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBI. They partner them with therapy dogs and the cost to the veteran is completely covered. I am honored to work with such a group.

The second book that just became a valuable the week before Christmas 2016 was the Feline Edition - Purrfect Companions. This book donates to The Cat Network. They are a shelter out of Miami, FL and have a mobile unit as well. I am working to expand the feline reach to other organizations that also work with feral cats as well as groups that do trap and release. Right now this is our only feline specific book though.

There are also three that are accepting submissions. We have a Canine Edition, a Senior & Disabled Edition as well as Volume 2. Each of these also has its own organization that will receive all of the proceeds of that book. The Canine Edition donates to National Mill Dog Foundation, Volume 2 goes to the National Search Dog Foundation and the Senior & Disabled Edition benefits Leave No Paws Behind out of California. I believe in each and every group we partner with and I encourage anyone interested to please comment here or find Rescue Me - Animal Anthology on Facebook. We will happily answer any questions and are looking forward to publishing the next books in the series.

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