Monday, January 9, 2017

Hitting The Road Again

Last Monday I hit the road in search of raffle prizes for an upcoming charity event I am helping to organize. I had about five hours to go to as many locations as I could and after making contacts with more than a dozen I was feeling exhausted. I now have a number of places to follow up with and was given one very generous donation, a fifty dollar gift certificate to an Irish Bar. Today I will be doing the same thing once again.

I am fortunate enough to live in Las Vegas where there are more things to see, do, eat and enjoy than almost anywhere else in the world. We also have a wonderful community that is willing to step up for a good cause. The organization we are working with is called Veteran's Village and they do incredible work on behalf of homeless veterans. They work to get them off the streets, find jobs and offer health services. The community has come out for them in the past and we are just trying to do a small part to say thank you.

I worked on going to locations on the Strip last week because with it being the beginning of the year many places outside of the tourist hotspot were still closed for the holiday. Now that things are open again I will be aiming to finish the Strip locations on my list while moving on to more local companies as well. Even doing my best to avoid any conflict of interest between our benefactors and our location for the event as well as not take advantage of my employer I still have nearly one hundred places I can make a request. 

Today will be about making initial contact with places I haven't been while following up with a few previous places. I am also hoping to stop by Veteran's Village to speak with the founder about any ideas he may have. It is a large undertaking to put a charity event together but it is by far my favorite thing I get to do. This will be my second fundraising book event and I learned so much from the first one I am hoping to build upon that and make this next one a huge success. I am also happy my partner will join me for today's prize hunting expedition!

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