Thursday, August 4, 2016

Split Focus

A couple years ago I started working closely with a woman that is now a great friend, Kate Robbins. She created an anthology series called Rock & Roll Saved My Soul and it is completely charity driven. She is now and has been a huge inspiration to me as I developed my own charity series Rescue Me - Animal Anthology. She had a story featured in Volume 1 and has submitted for two more books as well. I cannot imagine doing it without her. Rock & Roll Saved My Soul is a large part of her life and her work and helps so many with the proceeds being for charity.

Rescue Me means a great deal to me as well. I love seeing the stories, and even more so, the pictures people share as they submit to the books. It is such a blessing to be able to send the donations to the current charity War Dogs Making It Home. Volume 1 was a fantastic experiment that flourished because of animals lovers around the country stepping forward to say "I have a story to share". They were compiled and bound for the world to see and spawned the inspiration for four more books. Each one in the series has a different charity it donates to so that I could help spread love and change to more than one organization. 

While I am busy working to share this animal passion I am also an author of Young Adult and Adult drama. It is extremely rewarding. I am satisfied watching my characters develop and tell stories to the world as entertainment and, in the case of Survivor,  to raise awareness. My charity work is important, there is no question, but so is my personal work. I am working hard to develop myself as a brand. My writing, all of my books, are an element of that. As my name grows, my reach grows and so does the potential impact I can make with my charity work. 

I have a good deal of work to do by the end of the year and Rescue Me is right up at the top of the list, it just isn't the only item on it. There may be some that would look down on me from either side. They would tell me I am doing no justice to either my personal work or my philanthropy by splitting my attention but I would tell them that it is a working partnership and both sides go hand in hand to make up not only what I do but who I truly am.

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