Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fun With Technology

This morning I got up much earlier than my body believes in possible in order to go get some work done on my car. I grabbed my complimentary cup of coffee and set up my computer in order to try and get some writing done. I have always been stuck in the waiting area of the dealership service department for several hours when I went to have things done so I expected today to be the same. Shockingly within an hour of dropping off the car, my service tech came in to tell me that everything and gone smoothly and I was ready to leave.

I loaded up my computer and checked out preparing to go home and try to accomplish my ever growing to do list. There were a few non-writing chores on the list so I did those quickly then sat down to get to work. I opened up Word on my computer and minimized all of the documents I planned to work on in one way or another today. There were about half a dozen of them. I then made another document that was my running to do list which I had open in the background. I quickly enjoyed erasing a few things as I did them and then set to work on the editing, formatting and emailing of the next book in my Rescue Me series Feline Edition - Purrfect Companions.

I was just two short stories from the end when my computer decided it was time for an update. Without warning it shut down and restarted without giving me a chance to save anything I had been working on. Both my to do list and the entire layout of the book was gone. I immediately started working on it again, saving my work with every change I made but it took forever to get through. Then just as I was saving for the last time, Word closed itself down with an error message apologizing for any inconvenience. Thankfully I had been saving my work so I only had a small amount to redo but it still was driving me crazy.

I have done every update possible now and did some edits on paper while I was waiting but technology has not been my friend today. I have several books on kindle I am supposed to be doing reviews for but my iPad has decided to go on hiatus as well leaving me with my preferred paperbacks but significantly less ability to review the books I have promised to do so for. My DVR stopped working while I was recording shows that I use for research and I am starting to believe that going to the library to research and work old school may be the best bet for me today. Have you ever found that you are struggling to make technology cooperate with you?

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