Sunday, August 14, 2016

Setting Goals

Like every writer and almost every person in general that I know, I have a constantly running to do list. I am always coming up with projects to add to the list but I have noticed recently just how terrible I am at crossing things off. I know that a number of the items are ones that involve me to learn more technical skills but instead of picking one and learning it then crossing it off and moving on to the next I simply play around with one then another until a project comes up that I can feel comfortable doing and will blow off the ones that overwhelm me. I am working to correct this behavior.

As I am getting ready for the rest of the year and all of the things I wanted to accomplish are starting to speak up and remind me of the deadline quickly approaching. I have made a list that involves things like creating my website and getting it live, publishing the next book in my charity series while also finishing the draft of my books Sharing Strength, Chocolate Covered Cherries and a new novel for Nanowrimo. I need to get my blog back on track while also getting more involved with the online groups I network in. I have a day job and maintain an exercise regiment to help my health so those both take time but I have to schedule myself so that I can make all of my priorities possible.

What I am working on doing is making sure that the exercise part is done early in the morning so that it helps get me going in the beginning of the day and finish the day with writing and reading but I am trying to find time around the day job to get a few dedicated hours in for my other projects. I do not know that much about website building or promotions but those are on the list of learn, accomplish and move on. As I gain the knowledge from each project I do I can then build upon that until I am much better able to update and promote myself and my work.

Over the next day or two I will be making the lists of all of the things I want to accomplish by the end of the year. Once I know the ones I can easily fit into my current schedule I will make the adjustments  as needed and then find time to dedicate to the parts I don't currently know and slowly start learning the new skills I require. Setting goals is a great thing to do and can be an excellent motivator to keep pushing forward but if all you do is set goals and make lists like I have been then also like me you will be stalled. I am determined to turn this behavior around though and cross everything off my list by the time New Year's comes around.

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