Monday, July 7, 2014

Changing Paths

When I came back to the world of writing I thought I was ready for all aspects that came with the pursuit of publishing. I would simply write the first draft, and then reread it for errors. Next I would  send it off to a few agents with an awesome query letter I wrote and then I would simply wait for the acceptance letter that would be followed by a contract from a publisher.

I read through the draft and fixed a few spots I saw that needed polishing up. Once I was satisfied I sent it off to a beta reader who enjoyed the story though it needs to be stated that she was aware of the majority of the plot points going in. Once she said she liked it and gave me a few more spots to work on I created the query letter I knew would sell the book and started sending it off.

I sent more than thirty initial letters and sample chapters to various agencies and within a few weeks I started getting responses. Many were form letters while some were more personal but all of them had one thing in common, the word no. No one wanted me or my book. I read the query letter again and was ready to send off a more detailed synopsis if I got the request but while I was waiting I sent off more query letters but they either went unanswered or garnered the same form letter rejection as the first batch.

I started looking at self-publishing as well as indie publishers and ended up going with Pure Ice Publishing. After seeing the editing and the suggestions made as well as the synopsis and hooks created by the publishing team I realized just how far off my original attempts were. I have worked on it and am definitely improving my skills.

I am still learning how to do the sales part and have set a goal for myself for this debut novel but I have significantly higher hopes going forward. I am currently working to get an agent and traditional publisher for my second novel titled Breathe.  A contemporary adult romance I am hoping that I have improved my query and synopsis writing as well as the novel skills in order to travel the traditional route this time.

I have enjoyed my time with Pure Ice and I am partnering with the Very Inspirational Kate Marie Robbins for my charity book Rescue Me. I am beyond excited about that project but I hope that she and everyone else will wish me well in my endeavor for a traditional house for my next project.

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