Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hearing voices

I have been feeling very scattered recently having multiple projects jockeying for position in my head. All of my characters are talking and because they all have so much to say it is more of a migraine than a conversation. They all want attention and to be able to get out and meet readers. I am just struggling to get any one set of characters to talk long enough without interruption to be able to make much progress.

I have therefore decided that even though I have done some character bios before I am going to do a brief introduction of all the ones talking to me and a blurb about their books in order to get them to calm down for awhile. Hopefully letting them each speak their piece in a sort of town hall meeting will satisfy their need for attention.

First is the novel I am editing called Breathe. This is my first romance novel and while it is not sappy and it was actually originally intended to be more of a drama Kelsey Matthews decided for me and every time I would try to add a suspenseful element she would turn it back and explain how much she  needed a relationship. She was such a loner and I had been under the impression that she liked it that way but as I got to know her I learned more and more how lonely and miserable she was. Even when I gave her someone to care about it took a very long time to see if there were any mutual feelings. As I edit this book I am continuously surprised but the things I learn about her.

The next book I should be working on is Sharing Strength. In this book there is a support group for people suffering from PTSD. Each character has their own personal issues. Again I am learning more and more about each one of them and I am both inspired by their fight and heartbroken to watch their struggles. As I write I am constantly getting to know them and I am starting to suspect that a few of them may have individual novellas about what led them to Sharing Strength in the first place. I am excited though somewhat fearful of getting to know them on an even deeper level. 

Annora is the next character screaming at me. She jumped into my mind simply from seeing the word freedom. I have asked many people what the word freedom means to them and most have come back with military stories while a few others simply described their perfect day off or favorite activities for retirement. For me seeing that word immediately created Annora, a 15 year old girl that was sold into human trafficking by someone she should have been able to trust. She is a fighter and while she lives through hell for several years before she is able to finally attempt an escape she is never completely broken. She is defiant and struggles every chance she gets. She is often sold from one "owner" to another because she is difficult to handle. She even had one or two that threatened to kill her. She will be an interesting but emotional girl to get to know.

Sabrina's Story is the follow up prequel to Never Give Up, my debut novel. Sabrina only has a bit part in Never Give Up but there have been people asking if the story is autobiographical and if Sabrina is based on a dance instructor I had in my life. The answer honestly is, yes, sort of. Kaylie is definitely based on me in many ways including the injury though I was injured in a drastically different way and Sabrina is based on a combination of my first dance instructor and my dance coach and teach from high school and there is most certainly a story for her to share as well.

Once you get past those four books there is a family that takes up residence in an eight book series. The Syn series is the story of Persephony Syntel and her daughters. Book one is all about Persephony and is the introduction of the curse and turmoils that falls upon her family. Then each of the girls Asmara, Lucasta, Beatrix, Belicia, Maryn, Samiya and Levana all have a story of how they use their powers passed down from the curse from their mother.

Last but not least I have a storyline for a twist on Jack the Ripper and I badly need to come up with the marketing and cover ideas for Rescue Me and continue promoting Never Give Up so Kaylie won't feel forgotten. Hopefully giving them all an intro will give me some peace of mind so I can concentrate on one at a time.

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