Monday, July 21, 2014

Different kind of writing

Taking a departure from the usual dark and dramatic emotional topics I generally write about, I wanted to touch base on another subject I have been working on. I love my novel writing and while I am very proud of the work I have put out I am excited to expand my horizons.

I have always enjoyed reading a series, eagerly getting my hands on the following book as soon as I finished the last one. However I have never had the ability or even desire to create one of my own, until now. I am working on an idea for an adult series following the 7 deadly sins but that is not the series I am most excited about.

I am writing a children's series. It is part entertainment and part education but for me is completely fun. It also highlights fathers in a new way. There are so many mommy and me books and I am fortunate enough to know several fathers that are always there for their kids so I wrote a quick book for one of them and his daughter.

She loved it so much he thanked me publicly prompting another friend to request one for his boys. I of course obliged seeing as how they are my friends. It went over amazingly well with his sons and the idea snowballed. I have since created nearly thirty books in the series with many more to come and I am about to enter into the process hopefully of getting them published. The series idea has also been nominated for an award that would mean the world to me.

Even though I do not have children I know the importance of getting them interested in reading as well as learning and if I am able to create something to help future generations appreciate the field I love so much then it is completely worth it. I will share a small excerpt once I have found my publisher but I hope that any of my friends with or without children would enjoy the series.

Reaching beyond my comfort zone and stepping into an entirely new world has been a blast so far and I cannot wait until the day I have enough confidence to reach so far beyond my current realm that I can create an entire world of my very own.

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