Monday, July 14, 2014

Dark Emotions

Many people see things and are inspired. I have known artists that can hear a piece of music and create a painting that will take your breath away. I have also know musicians that can channel the emotions of a piece of art. I once heard a man describe sipping a wonderful wine as creating a beautiful song on his tongue. I too as a writer am inspired by many things I see around me.

I work in a casino and am exposed to people and their stories everyday and that lends itself constantly to new ideas. I have always taken parts of my life and used them for inspiration as well. It is here that many would question me. In Never Give Up I wrote about the despair of losing your dreams and feeling lost to the point of alienation those that love you. I am working on a very serious book about a support group for people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I put my heart and soul into the pieces I write and tend to take on difficult and dark subjects. I have been working to be a part of anthologies partially to get my name out there as a writer but also as a way to branch out and write things that aren't exactly in my wheelhouse. I recently looked at the monthly theme for one of them and no big surprise the theme for July is freedom.

Many would have seen that and immediately thought of our freedom as a country and possibly from that created a story or poem about the military but for some reason the first thing that came to mind was a young girl trapped in a dungeon fighting for her life. I couldn't shake the image of her sitting there in the dark. I fought it but she kept creeping back into my mind.

Finally I stopped hiding from her and gave her a voice. I learned that she was kidnapped and is part of a human trafficking ring. My heart aches for her and the subject is dark but there is something about her that makes me have to know her story. I know it is dark and a subject few would want to take on. I am not sure I want to but any writer can attest to the fact that sometimes you have a character that won't let go of you.

Akaylia in Never Give Up, Kelsey in Breathe, Jasmine, Rachel, Brian, James, Craig and Kyle in Sharing Strength and now Annora in an untitled story of her life. I also have a series I will be working on soon involving sister and I can hear them rumbling in the back of my mind clamoring for attention.

I am working hard to finish up Kelsey's story and working with the gang in Sharing Strength to get their story told as well but my heart goes out to Annora and while I anticipated taking on the series next or the follow up to Never Give Up or even my twist on Jack the Ripper it looks like she will be my next book. 

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