Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Something New

I have been writing realistic fiction for most of my life between poetry and my stories both long and short. I have recently become inspired to stretch beyond my comfort zone trying different genres. I am quite excited about this new direction yet apprehensive in many ways.

I am creating a series that uses aspects of fantasy and paranormal. I have never attempted to create my own world or used these devices in my writing before so this will be an adventure for me. I am maintaining the setting of Earth and I am planning to stay within the U.S. since I have the most experience here.

All of my books and stories completed previously have been stand alone stories so this being a series will be a challenge but I am passionate about expanding this part of my writing as well. I want to create a group of books that could be read in any order but also all tie together in a collection. I am currently brainstorming about the first one and the research alone has been very interesting.

It is based on the 7 deadly sins and each book is created around one of the sins. The characters from each will interact though the main character will change from book to book. As I research the angle I have chosen I have seen a strong sexual component to the sins. I had expected this for Lust, perhaps even Envy, Greed and Gluttony but I have found that sex runs through most of them and so I am considering making this a more adult series and adding an erotic subtext to the stories.

I will be sharing Character Bios as I develop them. I hope my readers enjoy them as much as I have been enjoying creating them.

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