Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Character Profile Dr. James Kurtsman

Sharing Strength is about a group of people diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. They come together in a support group to learn from each other and share concerns with one another. The man that leads the support group is Dr. James Kurtsman.

Dr. Kurtsman is a cancer survivor that focused his psychological practice on grief counseling for many years. He did some family therapy but after his wife died, also from cancer, he left private practice. He had stayed by his wife's side and even tried to help her patients after she died but he just felt that he was lost in his own grief.

Once he left private practice he took up gardening and threw himself into fixing up his classic truck. He reads about upgrades in every issue picking out projects to add to his growing to do list. He has a relatively happy life though he starts feeling like he needs to help people again though he isn't quite sure about reentering the world of private practice.

As he is contemplating his next steps he receives a call from a partnering psychiatrist from his former office. He had a group of people that had ptsd and he was looking to form a support group for them. Because of doctor patient privilege he feels it would be best for another to lead the group so he asks Dr. Kurtsman. agrees immediately to help.

He has a hard time reaching them at first but does build a level of trust eventually with the tiny clan. He slowly learns their stories working to make connections. He does everything he can to try to help them find peace. To teach them methods of coping with their issues.

Some of the members are more willing to work on their problems while others hide away. They all exhibit different symptoms as well as side problems. He weeds through each person's emotion struggles trying to find the best path for each of them In the end not everyone in the story is able to survive their plights and Dr. Kurtsman holds their hands as the grieve the loss of one of their own.

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