Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Character Profile Brian Nickerson

Brian is a soldier to his core. His father was a soldier and when he got out he trained his boys to be soldiers. Brian is the older of two boys. He is also the only one that followed his father's love of the military. His younger brother Dylan is far more intellectual as well as passive. he never felt the call to serve.

When Brian was 13 he befriended a foster boy from down the street taking on the leadership role and in a not so subtle way replacing his own younger brother. His new best friend, Kyle, and he would go on to join the Army just as they were taught. They trained together, fought together and even witnessed tragedy side by side.

Kyle knew that things were different when they came home though Brian was stubborn and refused to acknowledge that he needed help. Kyle began going to counseling even though Brian teased him about it. When Kyle wanted to join the support group Brian still insisted it was a ridiculous idea though he did come along.

As time goes on in Sharing Strength Brian's issues grow and he develops different types of relationships with the various other members of the group. He is a very integral part of the story and a character I hope many will recognize so that hopefully they can see and help when the signs of PTSD show themselves.

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