Friday, March 25, 2016

Marketing Tip - Dressing Marketably

Being marketable as an author can be looked at in a number of different ways. For me the first idea that pops into my head is about physical presentation. I attend live events as often as I am able to for the sake of promotions and selling my books. I network with other vendors, organizers and of course the attendees so it is vital that I look the part when I am in the public eye.

The most recent show I did was last Sunday. It was a craft festival held in the ballroom of one of our local casinos and so I was able to set up and work with and around vendors of all sorts. On one side of me was a weight loss product line, behind me a children's book promoter and on the other side was a new platform for talk radio that combines audio and visual to not only let you hear but see those that are on air. I was honored to be one of, and in fact the first, vendor they chose to interview about the show and my products, my books.

I was dressed the part with a conservative though eye catching tailored dress, heels and my glasses that people always make me look like a librarian or teacher. Being able to look the part gave me added confidence when I sat down in front of the camera and mic to discuss my novels. By looking professional it also makes the customers that walk up to my table listen and feel like they have encountered someone that takes what they do seriously. That is not to say that if I were to wear jeans and a t-shirt with my running shoes I couldn't sell my books but I always want people to know that this is important and something I put all of my effort into so they will feel comfortable about supporting me.

It is a good idea to keep the venue in mind when selecting attire as well. I happened to wear my leather boots with a mid-range heel to the last show and have used those for outdoor events as well but there are times when I do interviews or presentations and signings that I will wear pumps. A thin heel would sink immediately into soft ground outside and would be hell standing on a concrete floor for several hours on end but they make a very sleek appearance when discussing a book with a member of the media while partnered with dress slacks and a fitted blouse.

This topic is one I find extremely interesting and so am choosing to make it a series. In the next couple of weeks for the marketing tips I am going to look at online presenting, physical displays as well as one that crosses over to submissions and touches on earlier posts selling yourself to your future editors / agents / publishers so stay tuned!

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