Monday, March 7, 2016

Character Profile - Projects for 2016

I have written about a number of characters I am hoping to finish books for this year but this is just a short preview of each of the books I am working on for 2016.

Andorra Simon - she is a 15 year old victim of human trafficking, she is a fighter but was sold into being a human slave at the tender age of 8, she spirit comes close to breaking and many times she finds herself too exhausted to fight on, it isn;t until she comes face to face with the chance to destroy the person that hurt her so many years ago and possibly save another from the life that her will is restored, the only question is could she be too late?

Lucasta Syntel - she is the eldest daughter of Persyphone Syntel, the matriarch of the original book Welcome to Syn. Lucasta has been wronged by someone she deeply trusted and loved but now she has sworn vengeance and along with her sisters and new discovered abilities she will bring the people that tortured her family to their knees begging forgiveness. The power threatens to overwhelm her and her sisters and she must find a balance between caring for her family and bringing the pain she feels her enemies so richly deserve. Will one side win out? Will she get her revenge or will she fall victim to the hatred now dwelling in her heart?

Ashley DeMichael -  she is one of my newest characters and was inspired by a conversation I had about bullying and how there are so many more aspects than just Bullying = Bad. Ashley is a badass teen bully. She runs her high school with an iron fist and commands the fear of everyone around her. She is beautiful but most believe she is so terrible of a person that they would never be associated with her if they could safely escape her grasp. She is also a victim of an abusive and neglectful father and an overzealous mother. She is passionately defensive of her sister keeping her from ever being beat and tortured by their father. She also does her best to guard her sister against the intense teaching of their mother who insists that they stand up for themselves in such an aggressive way that they never become victims. Because of the dual roel Ashley is a very sad and lonely girl. She identifies with her victims but she has been so programed to never appear weak that she has no idea how to stop. Can she find her true self and help people see who she really is and what is happening behind the scenes or if she destined to be labeled a bully and alienated for the rest of her life?

Amanda Perella - another daughter from a previous book, Amanda is the daughter of Chelsea Perella a best selling romance author driven mad from a homicidal character that had taken up residence in her mind. After doing her best to care for her mother and befriending Chelsea's neighbor and writing student Amanda begins to seriously consider taking the time to reinvest in her own writing. She had shared with her mother that she would be attending college and studying English hoping to someday do something with her own stories perhaps following in Chelsea's footsteps if she could reach the same level. But She decides she needs a new place to focus after she watches her mother break down and claim the character in her head was making her do and say things. No one, even Amanda believed her but when she finds a beautiful quiet country house and starts to notice a draw from an abandoned house and a voice that seems to be speaking to her from inside her own head she starts to wonder if she too is going crazy. Can she solve the mystery of who is talking to her and stop the madness before she has a breakdown of her own or will she fall to the same fate as her mother?

Jessica Wyland - she once had her life perfectly planned out. She was happily married and had plans for the perfect beautiful family but after tragedy struck Jessica found herself lost so she turned to her one true passion still remaining, baking and desserts. It may not sound like much but after attending a prestigious school in Paris and learning about making candy, baking and delicious desserts as a form or art she finally felt alive again. She moves back to a small town hoping to open her own store and start over. Just as things are taking hold though her old life delivers a divesting blow and she has only the kind friend she has made in her new home to lean on. The problem is even has feelings for him he has no idea what happened and what she did. She knows he will turn his back on her is she tells him yet he is pulling away because he can tell she is hiding something and that is making it hard to trust her. Can Jessica find a way to share what happened and make the man she cares about so deeply understand or will she be left with nothing once again?

Jasmine Byers - Jasmine has been a subject before and was the focus of the 2015 release Survivor. She is a deeply hurt survivor of an extremely abusive relationship. With the encouragement of her family and friends she seeks help through a local support group. It is small, only six people including the therapist but she feels stronger having people around that understand what she is going through. Like any group though, especially one dealing with such a deeply unstable issue as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder there are concerns with each participant in the group and as they get to know one another bonds form and break causing healing and an understanding of loss none of them could have ever fathomed. Jasmine survived her relationship but as the group struggles to heal again and again dealing with the life and journey of PTSD she wonders if she can make it through the healing process.

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