Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Book Excerpt - Voice In My Head

She had written numerous scenes in each of those locations. She smiled as she thought about a story she had written focusing on the owner of the hardware store who had unexpectedly found love while helping a single mom rebuild her home and her life in one of her earlier books called Building a Candy Heart. She wasn’t able to hold onto that memory for very long though. Without making the decision she felt herself being pulled on down the street. Up ahead of her was the coffee shop. She seemed to be heading directly toward it and tried to remember anything significant that had ever happened there.  No important events had taken place within those walls. The only thing she could think of was Scarlett.

She was one of the youngest characters in the series at just twenty years old. Chelsea would never say she had a favorite book or character but she would admit to being exceptionally proud of Scarlett. She was the daughter of another main character that had grown up in the series becoming a viable candidate for love in her own right. She worked part time at the coffee shop while dreaming of making it as a singer. She had a beautiful voice but because up to that point no one with any power to make things happen came to Armandburg it was just a pipe dream.  

Chelsea had intended to make it possible for her to have her dreams come true though she would give her the dilemma of having to choose between the life of a singer and someone she cared about. It was a standard plot line but she was sure Scarlett would find a way to spice it up. As she got closer she could actually see Scarlett wiping down tables in the shop. Chelsea couldn’t hear her but because she knew each of the characters inside and out she knew that Scarlett was humming. Nothing in particular she was sure, she was probably making it up as she went. She was always humming something or getting lost in her daydreams.

Chelsea looked around. For the first time she noticed that everyone walking around her was moving in slow motion. She was only progressing at a snail’s pace herself. She had no idea why it was happening but she got the feeling it was so she would have time to notice something. Even in a dream it felt wrong. Something didn’t fit but from what she had observed everything was in place other than the passage of time. She willed herself to stop so she could take a closer look and to she complete surprise she did in fact pause.

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