Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Preparing For October

Next Monday afternoon I will be sitting down with representatives from my chosen charity. Even though it is only the end of June there is a great deal to do for an event happening in October. The first and most important aspect is to get the charity on board. Once I have accomplished that it will be a matter of finding a location date and time that will work for everyone. These are the four biggest hurdles to my hope of successfully pulling off my book release charity event.

While I am confident in my desire to have a great day raising money and awareness for the organization I have severe doubts about my ability to sell my ideas. Mainly because I simultaneously have dozens of ideas swarming my mind as well as no ideas whatsoever. I am greta with details but it is the large aspects of any project I seem to struggle with. It is the same many times when I am working on a book.

I can come up with characters, scenes and I usually know the beginnings and endings right away. It is the story, the overall picture that eludes me. I am currently working on Survivor - Jasmine's Story which is the book I will be releasing at the event. There are also two other books that will be released during an online event happening at the same time. The other two however are being taken care of by my friend and fellow author Kate Robbins.

She is the founder of Rock & Roll Saved My Soul a charity series and publisher that is donates their own proceeds to different organizations while also helping out series like Authors Against Bullying and my own Rescue Me. She is also the sole author for a novel called Behind Closed Doors. It is an incredible look into how an innocent victim can be manipulated and controlled by someone they care about giving them the impression there is no other option.

I am very proud to be presenting these releases with her. She is also my nonstop companion and sounding board as I prepare to meet with my charity. She is the spearhead of the online event and my constant cheerleader pushing me to do everything I want to do. She believes in the success of our event even when my nerves and self doubt threaten to overtake me. I hope everyone out there has a friend like her.

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