Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pitch Madness

For anyone that has ever created something such as art, music or written a book you know that in order to make your dream come true the creation is only step one. You have to be able to promote your work once it is created. I have written about using social media and speaking with friends and family in the past. I have even covered doing a live event such as a craft fair or book signing. But today I am attempting to be a part of a very specific event on Twitter. It is called Pitch Madness.

In this event you tweet pitches for your completed manuscript to agents and publishers in one hundred and forty characters or less including the hashtag PitMad. These tweets are tracked over the course of the twelve hour event being favorited and retweeted by fellow writers, followers and with any luck agents and publishers wanting to see your work. Today is my first attempt at this event.

I know the likelihood of grabbing someone's attention but I am doing my best and hoping for a little luck that I can even just get a few favorites and retweets from my followers and friends. It is a nerve racking event when you are new, though I can imagine it can be unsettling even for those seasoned to the event. We all want to believe in our work but if you don't get any notice it can cause doubts to creep in.

You wonder if your work isn't good enough or if perhaps you simply aren't selling it correctly. For those die hard people that refuse to believe it could be either their writing or sales pitch there is always the possibility that their tweets simply got lost among the thousands of tweets sent in. We are all hoping to be discovered so we can share our craft and grow as artists. The concerns inside us are perfectly normally but still difficult to handle.

I am doing my best to look at this as a learning experience so if I am unable to get any favorites, retweets or requests for my work then I can possibly learn something that may help get me noticed for the next time the event comes around. For anyone out there still learning to promote I urge you to swallow your fears and jump in feet first to any event that works for your craft. For those veterans out there please assist those of us still gaining experience so we can all share in the enjoyment of success.

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