Monday, June 1, 2015

Favorite Genres

What is your favorite genre? If you are a writer yourself then do you write in your favorite genre or genres? Do you read one thing and write another? How did your favorite become your favorite? For me it is all based on my mood for the most part. I have my favorite authors, Terry Pratchett and Stephen King though I read dozens of others as well. It isn't the categories the books fall into however but simply the ability to weave a story that is captivating that keeps me coming back.

I have been doing my best to branch out not only in my reading but also in my own writing. As I looked over the list of the books I have files for I noticed that I have a wide range of genres yet there is one thing that is a constant in all of them. They are all still realistic fiction. Even the two thrillers that have small paranormal elements or my historical fantasy (more for lack of a better title) books are still almost completely realistic fiction.

There are no vampires or zombies in the stories. All of the books take place on planet Earth, in fact many of them are even set in real cities. Those that are set in fiction towns like Breathe, Sharing Strength, Survivor and Welcome to Syn are still based on real towns I have been to or lived in. I am writing stories that come completely from my imagination now which was a goal I was unsure I could attain when I began writing more seriously yet there are also elements of me that seem to creep in no matter what I do.

I knew my debut novel was in a way my story to tell because being my first book it had a strong sense of my life built into it. Sharing Strength and Survivor are intensely personal which make them not only important for me to share but also terrifying to release to the general public. Breathe, Welcome to Syn and all of the books I have in the works are stories I have found inspiration for and cannot wait to write. Perhaps it is the lack of personal connection that makes them interesting to me. They will be journeys for me to take with the characters just as they will for those that read the books.

I have tried to get into the "popular" genres but they just do not hold my attention the way my favorites do. I know I get a little geeked and act like a major fan girl if I ever am in the presence or have the ability to be with any of the writers I read and admire. I hope someday to create something the gets that type of reaction even from one person. My genres may not be the trendy ones right now but that won't stop be from creating and sharing my work for all those that enjoy reading realistic fiction or may like something a little different.

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