Sunday, May 17, 2015

Learning From Previous Experiences

This time last year I was scheduling my first book signing. It was an exciting yet terrifying time because I was going to be sitting there at a table with my debut novel hoping against hope that someone was interested in buying it. I set up the event at a wonderful small sweets shop, contacted the local paper, had a sign made for the store to display and created a Facebook event announcing the signing. It was originally scheduled for a Saturday afternoon but due to an unforeseen conflict I was  forced to change to the previous day. I figured a Friday would still be a rather successful day.

After contacting the paper, changing the time and date on social media and having a new sign made I began the rest of the preparations such as ordering the books and gathering supplies for the table. I met with the owner to discuss the treats that would be offered and pick a spot to set up. I reminded people online as often as I felt comfortable and waited for the big day to arrive. When it finally came I couldn't sleep at all. My mom had flown in and she ran around town grabbing last minute supplies before we met up with my boyfriend with the sign announcing my event at the shop.

I did sell a few books that day but because of a miscommunication about the sign in store it was almost invisible. The weather did not cooperate with the outdoor sign and the people on Facebook that came were a handful of my real friends that happened to not be working that day. It was nice to see my friends and have family there with me but it is always the hope that you can entice someone unknown to come in and check out your work. I of course enjoyed signing the purchased copies and my mom even gave me a special pen she bought just for the event. I had just wanted a bigger turnout. I am sure that is how everyone feels though.

Now I am pushing to complete a short story and start submitting two full length novels while I plan another signing. One would think that because I learned so much from the first signing last year as well as the following mini book tour I did in the midwest last fall that I would be feeling more confident but somehow I am almost more nervous. I still have so much to learn and I wonder if I will ever feel totally confident. What experiences have made you feel more nervous as time went on?


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