Monday, May 11, 2015

Finally Back In Action

I have written before about the frustrations when you struggle to find a topic to write about. I have covered how irritating it is when life gets in the way. Both of those have been happening recently causing me to feel very disconnected. I lost my way through some personal issues which took all of my focus tearing me away from the one thing that has always brought me back to center, my writing.

While those issues are ongoing I have found my inner peace again, at least to a point, so that I can rejoin my literary world that means so much to me. I have started reading again trying to catch up on my reading challenge I took on this year. I have fallen drastically behind but I am just happy to have returned. As for the writing I should be jumping in feet first where I left off but that is still a sticking point for me.

As most writers will attest it can be difficult to get into the zone sometimes and when you are not there it seems as if the words are simply lost. My books play out for me like movies in my head and at times it can feel as though someone stepped in and cut the reel short stopping the story halfway through. It isn't until I can clear the clutter and repair the film that I can continue. Music is an excellent healer for those types of situations but it has to be the right music. For Sharing Strength I have an fantastic playlist and I though that because Survivor is the background of one of the Sharing Strength characters that the same songs would suffice but I was wrong.

It wasn't until I was driving and heard Fight Song by Rachel Platten that the movie began to play again. I am revising the story, going through the editing process so in theory the story was complete and all I had to do was clean it up. There always seemed to be something missing though and it was when I heard that song I knew it was the ending. Now that I can see it clearly I am so eager to get into the story.

I may still be dealing with my own drama and of course like many people I have to go to my day job when scheduled. I train for physical challenges like bike rides and obstacle courses for my health but when I sit down at my computer I can finally get focused and do what I love most, share my stories with the world. It is so good to be back.

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