Monday, February 24, 2014

New Teaser for Never Give Up

 Here is another excerpt from Never Give Up!

            Detective Meyar paced impatiently in the lab. He had personally brought in the gun and other evidence collected and now he was anxiously awaiting the findings so he could get back out there and work to find the man that had caused so much destruction. He checked his phone for the time and saw that he had missed a call. Scanning the log he saw that the hospital had tried to reach him and he instantly hit the return call button on the screen.

            He was connected with the dispatcher and gave his information. She politely forwarded his call to the trauma ward. The few seconds it took for the doctor to pick up ticked by slowly. He checked the phone screen and saw it was only six seconds so far.


            “Yes, this is Detective Meyar. I received a call about twenty minutes ago.”

            “Ah, yes detective,” the physician’s voice was solemn, “I contacted you regarding Mr. Denton. He went into cardiac arrest and we were unable to revive him. He passed away just before I called.”

            “His injuries caused it?” Meyar already knew the answer but he just needed the confirmation.

            “Yes sir.”

            “Do you know what happened?”

            “He had a small aneurism that we weren’t able to detect at first and then once we had discovered it, it was inoperable.”


            “It was located at the base of the brain just above the spinal cord and we were unable to get to it.”

            “I see, well I know you did all you could.”

            “We did, let us know if you need anything else in regard to Mr. Denton.”

            “Ok, thank you.”

            They disconnected and the detective sat down on the lobby bench. He put his head down and took a deep breath. He and his partner were the first responding officers when Denton was shot and they were the ones called that had radioed for the ambulance. He had gone to the hospital and talked to the doctors that night and been completely relieved when Denton had made it through the night. He was in a coma but the medical staff had seemed optimistic about his recovery and now, he was gone.

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