Friday, February 21, 2014

Life's inspiration

It has been said that we write best when we write what we know. I have always pulled from my own experiences for inspiration on what I write and the characters that I create. I even go so far as to notice I have used my own speech patterns in the dialogue.

Using my experiences had been tremendously helpful in many aspects however it is now giving way to what has by far been my most difficult writing challenge to date. Because of things I faced growing up I developed many insecurities, a few so severe I was emotionally crippled for years. My parents were the picture of support but my fears caused me to keep much of what happened to me under wraps.

I was ashamed. I struggled and finally after one of these moments I went to see a counselor and while his advice was anything but helpful he did diagnose me with a disorder I have realized I had had for a long time, even before he acknowledged it. I have PTSD. So many people hide from this diagnosis and refuse to discuss it, they fear seeking help and are afraid of implications of the disorder. I was too.

While there are many misconceptions about it, such as only soldiers have PTSD, or having it means you are weak, or worst of all many believe it isn't real and you can just get over whatever bothers you, I have experienced it and know these ideas are not true. There is an actual chemical change that occurs in the brain for people suffering from PTSD and you cannot simply stop feeling the symptoms. You need help and you need to be honest about what you are experiencing.

From my personal experience I wanted to get involved and try to help those like me. My best avenue has always been the written word and I developed a story I am working on that involves characters suffering from PTSD.

I am going to be releasing my debut novel Never Give Up in a few months but this next project, near and dear to my heart, will be following shortly. I will also have an excerpt of my new book up soon. I ask anyone that knows a person suffering to simply be there for them and let them know they are not alone. Just creating the story idea and characters for me has been difficult but it is my sincere hope that by understanding my story, I may effect someone else struggling through the same things.

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