Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cover Model To Author

I have always been inspired by the written word, allowing myself to be transported to amazing new worlds and join the characters on fun and creative adventures. When I was in the second grade I read a very simple poem This Is My Rock by David McCord.

This is my rock
And here I run
To steal the secret
Of the sun

This is my rock
And here come I
Before the night
Has swept the sky

This is my rock
This is the place
I meet the evening
Face to face

I was instantly taken to a beautiful field where I could run through wildflowers and feel the sunshine on my face. Hidden deep in the recesses of my mind I spent the day smelling the sweet aromas and picnicking among the tall grass. There were birds floating overhead and the harmony of insects humming their industrious songs. As the twilight came I ventured to a Cliffside where I was able to greet the coming night. I saw the ocean and felt the mist of the crashing waves while the darkness swallowed the sky and stars burned brightly overhead.

I know this is simply my interpretation but it has stayed with me for over two decades. I spent years working on my own poems, short stories and anything I could think of involving publishing. This also includes being a cover model for a friend on a few of his books, one published and two works in progress.
This is the cover for the published book called The Biz by Joel Krupa. After a few years as a model dealer and cover model I am beyond thrilled to be debuting as novelist myself. My first full length novel Never Give Up will be out later this year and I hope people will take the journey into my world and enjoy the adventure along with me.

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