Friday, July 12, 2019

Absence Makes The Heart Go Fonder is everyone doing? Things been ok with you? Yeah, I'm fine. I know I haven't been around for quite awhile but I was hoping we could still be friends. If you're just joining us, welcome. I always love to meet new people. In fact, for the past five months or so it seems like that is almost all I have been doing, meeting people.

Being a writer is great. You get to sip coffee and hold intelligent conversations with amazing people, or enjoy a glass of wine while discussing the arts with like minded groups right? Of course people hear you have a new book releasing and they line up around the block when your publisher arranges a signing then you sit back and count your money while dreaming of your next masterpiece. Isn't that the way it works? Maybe if you're Stephen King, George RR Martin, or J.K. Rowling but for the masses, this doesn't come close to our reality.

Late last year I joined a group of authors in Las Vegas called the Coffee House Tours. We do exactly what the name implies, sign at different coffee houses around town as a literary tour. This spring I became the Marketing Director for the group and took on even more responsibilities than simply showing up and signing copies of my books. I am now the liaison for our coffee houses and the rest of the group, set up signings, speak with members, reach out to new venues and help organize events. On top of that I still do sign as well as attend events outside of the group.

Part of being in charge of marketing means I am always looking for new ways to reach out and inform. I take webinars, classes, speak with others in the business (both writing and marketing) and grow my base as much as possible. In order to then parlay that same expertise into my personal side I use the information to attempt to expand my own reader base and must keep my website updated and make sure I am getting my newsletter out. I am getting better but still have a lot to learn in that respect.

Don't get me wrong, I do drink both coffee and wine but not in the relaxing way I wrote about above. Coffee is more of a gift from the universe, provided to keep me going while I make the still far too long to do list. My wine is a treat I allow myself if somehow I even got close to finishing the list that day. There is rarely a casual conversation or the chance to sit down and just relax. The line is never wrapped around the building and if I attend a signing and sell even one book I call it a success and have one more cup of coffee on the way home for the next task to get started. There is so much happening all the time it can be difficult to fit it all in.

Now, I am trying to get back into the blogging part as well. I have missed it but when you think about the things I just mentioned taking up my time and add the full time day job on top of it I think I got a little burnt out. I took the break but I'm hoping you can all forgive me and welcome me back into your lives. I will be doing my best to be here far more often and share what I learn and experience in hopes it may help others with their journeys as well.