Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 1 Done

There are those that have taken to social media to either tout or complain about their progress. I could be considered one of these to a point though I am significantly behind and yet still motivated. It is a habit I get into every year it seems that I will start out with some writing but not a full day's word count. Then for one reason or another I begin to fall behind. As of this morning I was over nine thousand words behind.

I have done that every single time I have attempted the Nanowrimo challenge. This is the part for many that the enthusiasm begins to wear off. People get past that first initial burst of inspiration and they lose the determination that got them into Nano in the first place. For me it is the excitement of getting to know my characters that keeps me going. I do get to points eventually where it is slightly more difficult to keep pushing forward but I enjoy finding out the next part of the story just as much as I hope the reader one day will as well.

I get to the part where it becomes work but for me that is one of the parts I love the most. It is the hard part that makes the end result so worth it. When you can buckle down and force yourself to stay the course, sometimes writing thousands of words in a single day but when you get past that day and finish your book it is a magical moment. It is completely worth the blood sweat and tears when you have that ah ha moment and type the last of your book.

I started participating in 2010 for the sake of forcing myself to finally turn my idea for a book into a reality. I still do it because it motivates me to write other projects that I may be struggling with. It is a powerful feeling to complete something and the intoxicating sensation carries forward into other parts of the year helping keep me on track with my ultimate goal. Someday I hope to be able to write full time but until then I will continue to do challenges like Nano because they help fuel my desire as well as force me to broaden my creative outlets. For those that are struggling I encourage you to keep pushing through. For those like me that enjoy the battle I invite you to join me at the end where we can celebrate our accomplishments together.

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