Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Goals vs Resolutions

I know many out there would think that halfway through November is far too early to be planning for all the things I am going to do in the new year. While I have not committed to anything just yet I am beginning to think about all of things I have managed to accomplish this year as well as how to build upon that for next year.

A few years ago I switched from making resolutions that I would only keep for a few months to setting goals that may take a little longer but hopefully with dedication I can achieve. I like to aim high by setting goals that will take learning, time and determination to execute but in the end when I cross things off the list it feels incredible.  This year I will be setting financial, health and wellness as well as writing goals.

For the financial goals I look at it from two different sides. I am working to save up a cushion as well as pay off bills in my personal life but I also have a business account for my writing that I need to build up for the sake of purchasing items and taking research trips for my future endeavors. I will hopefully be joining the ranks of freelancers to help build my professional equity while using my day job to accomplish the personal side of my money goals.

Health and wellness are without question one of the biggest struggles for me. I do not eat very healthy most of the time though I do have an appointment with a nutritionist that I am hoping will help me find a balance between the foods I enjoy and ones that will get me to my goals. I also have purchased a planner with a daily to do area and schedule so I can be sure to make time for exercising a minimum of four days per week. When I am healthier it boosts the other areas of my life as well so the time dedication is worth it.

Lastly are the writing goals. I have allowed my fear of rejection and need to have everything perfect from the start hold me back from taking some chances in the past couple of years so I will be amending that. There will be submissions, events and promotions as well as finishing several projects. I will be incorporating time to edit and get feedback from betas while also crossing books off my personal reading list. I want to read a minimum of sixty books next year and be able to intelligently review them. I will also be working to raise the number of my own reviews and learning from those around me how to better present my work.

Like I mentioned before I have nothing set completely yet but I wanted to get started early enough that I can make my goals achievable, challenging and help me find balance to be as productive and happy as possible.

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