Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Excerpt from Voices In My Head

The police arrived at the butcher shop letting the terrified clerk out of the office. They assured him that no one else was there. Whoever had tried to attack him had left when he said he was calling them. He was clearly shaken and didn’t make it very far outside the door before his knees gave out. The officer standing closest caught him and helped back into the office where he could sit down.

He had only worked there for a month. The store was owned by his uncle. He was just trying to help out while he went to college. He didn’t know any of the customers and said he had never seen the woman before. The police were shocked to hear it was a woman that had gone after him. They had anticipated a man perhaps trying to rob the store. When he gave his statement one of the officers was so taken aback that he took a seat next to the boy. He tried to wrap his mind around what he was hearing.

According to the young man next to him a woman had come in, ordered several cuts of meat then left to make a call while he made ground the beef. When she came back another girl was in the store. When he told the girl he would be right with her the woman had snapped, grabbing the knife and  threatening to kill him while telling the girl to run. She had referred to the girl as Scarlett even though she didn’t seem to know her. She had then called the clerk Jonny even though he was wearing a nametag that said his name was Bruce.

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