Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Picture Is Worth One Thousand Words

I have had my author page for about two and a half years now. I post sporadically though I am trying to work on being more consistent. It also helps when I post to my author page because that automatically updates on Twitter which is another promotional tool I have yet to master. It isn't that I don't have the time to post here on my blog, update my Facebook page or scroll through and tweet everyday but I either end up distracting myself or I get overwhelmed with all of the ideas in my head and find myself hiding away.

When I do remember / am focused enough to write a blog post or update my page I run into an entirely new set of issues. Often times I will stare blankly at the page because I feel there is nothing interesting in my head to share. That is why many times it is just a to do list or a general statement of what has been happening recently. I know I see others doing the same but I think the eternal self doubt so many artists struggle with has a way of making us believe that others can get away with things we cannot. 

Partially because of this thought process and the relatively safe posts it leads to I do not have thousands of followers on either social media platform and my posts only reach a limited number of people. I have noticed over time, and more significantly this past weekend during a small experiment, that I get far greater views and interaction when I post pictures instead of just text. I understand the psychology of it. Visuals are far more intriguing than one text post after another. The pictures make us stand out from the crowd by bringing our audience into our world like a sneak peek. 

When people feel connected they tend to be more interested. My problem is that I not only do not post pictures very often, I rarely even take them. With my trip I was trying to see how my interest levels would be by posting pictures of my airline ticket, people I was hanging out with and different elements of the show. Every time I posted a picture or tagged someone I was with the reach jumped exponentially. With this knowledge gained, and mostly confirmed, I will be revising some of my methods and working to involve more pictures and videos in my upcoming promotional efforts. Now if I can just learn some better photography and teaser making skills...

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