Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Look Ahead

As I am going through all of my files I am getting excited for the books coming up. I have talked about a few of the in the past but I wanted to highlight a couple of the ones that I am looking forward to the most. Some of them are reaches for me either in genre or because they require a large amount of work that I have never had to do before. Both aspects have me very intrigued and I am preparing for the next books as soon as possible.

For the first time I will be venturing into the land of series writing with both my Voices books and my Syn series. Voices is a trilogy and with the first one finished I will soon be outlining the second book featuring the best friend and neighbor of Chelsea Perella, the main character in Voices In My Head. Samantha will be continuing the adventure Chelsea began for better or worse and I am thrilled to see where is leads.

The second series began with my book Welcome to Syn and is a seven book series. Persyphone Syntel is the matriarch of a family of beautiful daughters that meets with one disaster after another as she tries to piece her life back together after the death of her husband Michael. The next book will centered around Persephone's oldest daughter Lucasta Syntel and her relationship with her fiancĂ© Hunter and his family. 

I have two books that will be using a significant amount of research based on a town named Pioche here in Nevada. Even though the books have different characters and are in different genres, romance and action, they take place in the same location during the same era so much of the research will be related between the two books. I need to make sure I look into communication and transportation of the day along with layout of the city and in one of them I am considering adding in elements of true events that took place in the town.

Another book that will require a lot of research, possibly the most of any book I have written so far is Mother Said No and is set during the time of the Jack the Ripper murders. It is set in London and I need to again have the setting, chronology and elements of the crimes as they are involved in the story. I have read extensively on the subject but I still have a great deal of studying to do. Because it is set during one of the most notorious true crime sprees ever I am just itching to get started on this book.

The last one that tops my Can't Wait To Write It list is a book called Just Deal With It - Interesting Observations & Entertaining Anecdotes From The Casino Floor. This book is a collection of short comical stories broken up by three categories Management, Dealers and Players. I love what I do for a living and am looking forward to sharing with the world some of the hilarious things we see and experience while working.

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