Sunday, June 26, 2016

Creating My New Routine

One could easily view me as A.D.H.D. I have mentioned several times that while writing is my passion, I do have a number of time consuming interests. From my distance cycling to the very recent belly dancing and the ever present need to be reading I am always working on one thing or another outside of writing. Along with these interests I make time to spend with my boyfriend and, when possible, my other friends in order to get me out of my own head. Then as though all of that weren't enough I need to spend time working out in order to keep my health concerns under control and of course there is the little detail of my day job to pay the bills.

Of course for the writer side of me has needs as well. I attend book shows (which are by far one of my favorite activities), blog as often as I remember too, am learning to do more online promotions, editing, and the most important part for a writer, write. I love getting lost in my stories. I struggle occasionally to find the characters and get them talking but once I do there is just nothing else in the world that compares.

So what is on the agenda? I need to create a schedule that includes about an hour of exercise each day, an hour or so of promotions, half an hour to dedicate to getting a blog post completed, read enough to complete a book to a book and a half each week, and hopefully at least two thousand words per day of writing. There will be days that I write more or less because of working my day job and I am also hoping to use my days off to draft some blog posts and schedule some posts on Facebook that can simply be published later on so that I can maintain my scheduled activities on the days I work.

It is far easier said than done to create such a schedule and for someone as sporadic and random as I seem to be it will be a huge challenge to stick with it but I am hoping that with some practice I will find that I am more easily able to fit everything in and will be able to see the rewards of being on top of so many things. I have a great team and so I am looking forward to tackling tis new challenge with their incredible support.

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