Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Character Profile - Asmara Syntel

When I first thought of writing something outside my comfort zone I looked into several different possibilities. I could change genres or try a series of short stories. I had never done either of those before. I had also never done a series of full length novels and so I decided to try and make that happen. I landed on the seven deadly sins as my inspiration and as soon as I committed to it the first book in the series took control.

The first book centers around the mother Persyphone and introduces us to her seven daughters. I have written a profile of Lucasta before because she will be the second book in the series and her sin is pride. along with Lucasta however there are six other girls; Levana, Asmara, Samiya, Maryn, Belicia and Beatrix. The last two are the youngest and are twins. Even though Levana will take the third book in the series I wanted to focus on Asmara because she is the essence of stepping out of my comfort zone.

Asmara Syntel is a fifteen year old beauty that possesses the power to seduce people through the sin of lust. I always wrote clean young adult books though one of them did have a slight romantic angle. I never attempted anything remotely erotic until this series came to mind and while they all have elements of erotica it is understandable that the Lust book will be the most hardcore in the sensual sense. I have gotten a few erotica books to read in order to make her as realistic and sensual as possible.

What makes Asmara even more scandalous than just being the source of lust and having the power to control it within people is that the books take place during the time of the Salem Witch Trials when society itself was significantly more prudish. There is nothing wrong with the values of those days and even though I am very accepting and open with my own sexuality I can agree that today's society maybe be less drastic and chaotic if some of those values were still in place.

I am looking forward to seeing exactly how Asmara channels her gifts and to feeling her take control when I write her book. She is a feisty girl and as her powers grow within her she will be more than a handful for anyone that crosses her.

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