Monday, December 21, 2015

Book Excerpt - Breathe

Breathe. Back in the shower Kelsey realized that while reminiscing she had been lightly tapping her forehead against the wall and now was getting a small headache growing behind her eyes. She stepped back and rubbed her eyes groaning internally as her aching muscles rebelled against any and all movement. She stretched her arms out behind her and let them fall again feeling every fiber of her being longing to simply lay down and relax.
            She reached up and turned the shower head adjusting it to kneading and turned around trying to smile as the powerful flow struck her back and attempted to burrow the heat deep into the knotted mass of her shoulders. However as quickly as the smirk danced across her lips it fell away again. There, drifting across the back wall of the shower stall was Naomi’s face. Her limp hair now tangled and her glasses askew but the nervous glance had been replaced with fear and a twinge of anger.

            This simple girl with a family Kelsey had never met or even known about before today, now a glaring memory that would follow her forever. She tried keeping eye contact but it was impossible to win a staring contest with a figment of her imagination. With a sigh she gave up and backed up into the flow of the shower letting the water run all the way through her hair. The heat was intense but she was barely unaware and with her eyes closing once again, heart beating faster than it should, she reached for the shampoo and thought to herself again, just breathe.

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