Monday, December 26, 2016

A Look Back

This year has been a number of things for me. It has been they year I finally published the second book in my anthology series, the year I was offered full time at my day job and the year a good friend was taken far too soon. As with any other year it has been a rollercoaster ride. Even all of the things mentioned have come with their own ups and downs to make the ride that much more interesting. As I prepare for the coming year I am looking back on some of the goals I had created to see just how my ambition and my follow through stack up against one another.

I did not accomplish many of the things I set out to do which is frustrating but at the same time I did make progress. I planned to finish writing Sharing Strength which I did as well as Chocolate Covered Cherries which I did not. I wanted to publish a new book and I can put a check by that although it is not the one I had in mind. I did use my beta readers more however forward progress stopped with them. I have four full manuscripts sitting around waiting to have final edits done and then either be submitted or published myself. Both of which require some form of dedication and in the publishing realm a good deal of learning as well.

Fitness levels have maintained but I was hoping to push forward with both weight loss and challenge levels. I have since transferred both to the new year and will try again. I know it may see odd to discuss my health goals on a blog about writing but honestly I think the two go hand in hand. It is important to focus on all aspects of yourself in order to be as well rounded and accomplished overall as possible. I also have financial goals I am still working on. I made strides forward but have yet to reach the peak of Goal Mountain. For me it is imperative that I not scold myself for falling short but instead find why I did not completely succeed and use that knowledge to push even further next year.

Everything for me comes back to writing and the dream I have of following my passion to a full time career at some point. I love my day job but if I was sure I could make it as a writer I would hand in my notice tomorrow. Until that time I will continue to keep an eye on where I have been to learn for where I am going and one day hopefully say those magical words, I am a full time author!

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