Monday, May 9, 2016

Ideas For Interacting

I apologize to those that read my blog that I have fallen short on the consistency so far this month. I have once again taken on so much that there are items on the to do list that get pushed back and in my absent minded times there are things left off the list entirely. Social media and promotions seem to fall into those places more often than anything else. I will, however, be doing my best to at least post a few times each week to keep people updated and will happily respond to any questions or comments I may receive.

Interacting with my readers is paramount to becoming a better writer so I do hope to create blog posts, Facebook statuses and tweets that will inspire feedback as well as entertain. I do great at live events because I can look people in the eye and shake their hand when they attend a signing or show. My biggest struggle is the online aspect. I do not know what to write. I overthink things causing them to come out more serious and heavy than I intend and I get frustrated when others seem to be able to connect so much easier.

I have noticed that pictures get a far larger number of shares, likes and comments than a simple text post. I would love to use that information but so far I have struck out because I do not take many pictures, I have no idea how to create memes and I am not a fan of only sharing other's posts and memes. I share plenty of them. I just want to incorporate my own original thinking alongside them and the combination can be a difficult balance to achieve.

I am hoping to come up with ideas for pictures that I can go out and take so I can share them with my friends and fans but I draw a blank every time. So far I have a small list of suggestions friends have made such as settings that inspire me or create costumes of some of my characters and do photoshoots in them. I am working on both but I need so many more. What types of pictures catch your attention on social media? What causes you to stop scrolling and click a link, like a post or comment on what the author has put out?

I need suggestions to help me improve, not just for the sake of my craft but also to grow my ability to interact with the most important aspect of my writing job, the readers. I appreciate any suggestions or comments that will help me grow!

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