Sunday, August 30, 2015

Learning To Rewrite History and Mythology

It has been quite some time I took part in an anthology but a great friend has invited me to be a part of her halloween anthology. I am excited to be a part of it because not only is she my inspiration for my pet adoption anthology series but also because I love getting the chance to broaden my horizons. She did one last year as well and there is a different specific theme each year. This year the theme is creatures from mythology. At first I was beyond thrilled but as I have looked further into it I have become stifled in my search for inspiration.

Because most of the creatures as well as deities already have established stories of their creation, desires as well as, in many cases the way they were either handled or even destroyed by those in power. I love the Sirens but they already have stories where their powers were thwarted so I struggle to find ways to write a tale where they are able to sing their way into another's heart and soul as their defeat is known. I considered writing about Odysseus and how he went back after he successfully escaping the Sirens the first time.

However there are so many more stories involving him with other gods and goddesses that I struggle to find the opening for his return. I am now looking into other gods as well Hades the word of the underworld. It is interesting to me that I can see something simple like a painting or snapshot and create a story that becomes something real out of nothing yet when there is already a large amount of information such as the myths I get bogged down in previously established information.

I know there are those out there that are the opposite of me such as those that create fan fiction by taking well established characters and changing their desires or motivations in order to make a new storyline for them. I envy those that can alter established characters or settings in order to make something new. I am going to attempt to push my limits by making something out of already known information though I am undecided about submitting if it is not up to the standards I have for myself. It will be a learning adventure for sure.

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