Monday, May 19, 2014


I was recently asked about whether or not I would create a character based on a friend. I know there are many writers that do like to create their characters and may base them on people they know. I have based some of my characters on myself but it is because things in my own life are the inspiration for the story.

For me my characters are very real. They exist in an alternate dimension and I simply channel them and become the medium through which the stories are told. In Never Give Up the main character Akaylia is loosely based on me and some of the things I experienced both while dancing as well as when I got injured. The emotional toll it took on me and that Kaylie deals with is a huge driving force for the book.

Then in Breathe I attempted to go in a different direction. It started as a short suspense story but when I decided to expand it into a full length novel it quickly took on an entirely different path. The romantic side of me came through and as much as I tried to keep the main character following her initial evil side she ended up taking on more of a good natured role. She told me her story and by the end of the book I was rooting for this troubled but heartfelt underdog.

Sharing Strength is an exceptionally personal book for me in that there are two characters that each have my experiences running through their storylines. Jasmine and Rachel both deal with difficult situations that I myself survived. I have written scenes for both with smiles and tears and it is a story that I hope can help others that may be suffering through similar experiences.

I have poured my heart into everything I have ever written. While I may eventually have characters that have elements of my family and friends within them it is my hope that the characters are developed and relatable enough that even people I have never met may be able to see themselves within the pages.

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